Re: Winter berth at Croácia or Itally

Denis Foster


Can you give more details of the names othe yards you were satisfied of ?

Thank you.

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Le sam. 10 juil. 2021 à 14:39, James Watkins via <> a écrit :
I had work done at a duty free (VAT) yard in Pula. Commodore and they did a nice job of everything they handled especially the new paint job. If you are non EU flagged the savings can be considerable.  Italy alternative is the Monfalcony yards as they do pretty much everything in boat repair.  

Best regards Jim Watkins. ActIi Maramu 185

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Jose Alegria
Amel55 #03-MERIT

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Data: 10 de julho de 2021, 15:29:58 EEST
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Assunto: Winter berth at Croácia or Itally

 Dear Amelians

Any marina advice to let my Amel55-#003- Merit during the winter and do some maintenance.
 I am in doubt between Croacia and  Italy.
I hope nice advises from you
Good winds
Kindest regards

Jose Alegria
Amel55 #03-MERIT

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