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eric freedman <kimberlite@...>

Thank you, Jose,

What model was the pump that you ordered?

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About bilge pump Amel dont have anymore.

you can find a new one at:


Lucca – Italy
Tel & Fax: +39 0584 338238

Last 1 1/2 months to arrive


Good winds



Jose Alegria

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No dia 11/07/2021, às 08:00, eric freedman <kimberlite@...> escreveu:


Our Clapeda AC pump finally bit the dust. Some time ago it was suggested that the March AC-5C-MD 230 volt was a good substitute.

I do have that one on board. However, it has open windings, it has a lower output than the Calpeda and is not as robust.

I will install it temporarily.

Are there any other substitutes that are a little friendlier to salt water and are a better pump than the March.

I did find a Calpeda model BCM22/1/A-R. It will work but it is really overkill for this system.

Any other suggestions?


Does anyone know if Amel still stocks the original AMFA bilge pump? I am now working on my rebuilt spare, and I would like to have a spare or some other good bilge pump.

The AMFA pump is excellent pump and I even have found pieces of cable ties in it.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite

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