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I think I was one of the first to post about the March pumps. They were recommended to me by Coastal Climate Control (the US dealer for Calpeda and Climma) when we sailed the Chesapeake Bay in 2015 as a lower cost alternative to Calpeda pumps. And, I agree they are not as robust.


My March pump is now 6 years old and has no issues (the first pump shipped was defective and failed within 3 months. They replaced it). There is some corrosion on the non-stainless steel housing screws. I hit them with some Corrosion-X once in a while. Otherwise I am happy.


I also like the fact the March pumps have no metal in contact with saltwater. I have always questioned Amel’s use of the Calpeda pumps which is both grounded and connected to the ship’s bonding system. I viewed this as weak point but will readily admit I don’t know enough about it to comment further.  


BTW, doesn’t the Calpeda pump also have open windings? It has been a long time but if I recalled correctly the end is open where you have to turn the screw if it gets stuck.



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Our Clapeda AC pump finally bit the dust. Some time ago it was suggested that the March AC-5C-MD 230 volt was a good substitute.

I do have that one on board. However, it has open windings, it has a lower output than the Calpeda and is not as robust.

I will install it temporarily.

Are there any other substitutes that are a little friendlier to salt water and are a better pump than the March.

I did find a Calpeda model BCM22/1/A-R. It will work but it is really overkill for this system.

Any other suggestions?


Does anyone know if Amel still stocks the original AMFA bilge pump? I am now working on my rebuilt spare, and I would like to have a spare or some other good bilge pump.

The AMFA pump is excellent pump and I even have found pieces of cable ties in it.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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