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Horst Pause <horst.puddleduck@...>

I applied Coppercoat 2 seasons ago and sailed in Greek waters. Each season the boat was stationery in a marina for more than 2 months (July and August). In Thessaloniki, after a full 3 months, minor algal growth happened, easily scraped off. In Rethimno, 2 months, no growth. During both seasons there happened not a single barnacle. This November, when the boat was lifted out in Koilada, after a pressure wash everything was first class. I am happy with the result.

I cannot understand Amel in this respect. Coppercoat is an epoxy (with loads of copper powder), this should enhance any osmosis protection. I have seen 3 boats (not Amel quality), one after 5 years (needed small areas redoing) one with 8 (no growth), one with 9 (although perfect, they applied 2 more layers as they had the materials ready).

Horst - Puddleduck
Maramu No.168, 1985

P.S. I live in the Isle of Man

From: Martin <>
Sent: Sun, 22 November, 2009 16:07:49
Subject: [Amel] Coppercoat anti-fouling

When our Amel 54 was being built the yard declined to consider applying Coppercoat saying that it would invalidate their anti-osmosis guarantee.

Coppercoat appealed then as it does now, the thought of an antifouling that will last 10 years in most conditions has great appeal.

Our boat is currently in Ipswich amongst a glittering array of new Oyster yachts, and standing up to scrutiny particularly well. In discussion with the yard manager it came out that over 50% of new Oysters are being treated with Coppercoat, including the latest yacht built for the recently retired Chairman. On the basis that what is good for the Oyster should be good for the Amel does anyone out there have experience with Coppercoat and Amel yachts?


Martin Bevan
Caduceus - Amel 54 No 56 2007

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