Re: Shaft alternator on Santorin don’t work


Hi Ian,
thanks for your answer. Yes, the alternator has been working before this; I didn’t use it so much because of the poor wind in Mediterranean Sea that means poor speed under sail. How do you think I should control the actuating circuit? Is the normal tester sufficient or do I need something else? Do you know if there is a relay in the actuating circuit? Last question: do you have on your Santorin also the red light under the green? Thanks and fair wind


Il giorno 14 lug 2021, alle ore 23:32, Ian Park <parkianj@...> ha scritto:

Your English is very good. My Santorin is 1994, no 96. The main thing that should happen when you turn the key (as well as the green light turning on) is an instant decrease in the propellor shaft revolutions. This is caused by the alternator producing resistance by producing electricity. No decrease, no electricity.
I am not an alternator specialist, but this must mean the that there is a problem with the actuating circuit from the key.
Has the alternator been working before this?

Ocean Hobo SN 96.

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