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Danny, That is good advise, and I have not done that nearly enough. I will start to make that part of my routine . Yes , it is Diane's birthday ,leaving for dinner in a bit. She just told me Yvonne texted  a Happy Birthday wish on July 14 your time ,so was the first ,as we are a day behind. Saw your birthday pics last week on F/B , your looking fit.
Thanks for the tip.
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Hi Pat, was there a birthday in your family recently? Happy birthday.
As to contacts. I have said this a number of times before. The sea environment is brutal and unless we protect our contacts we will inevitably get failures. Corrosion, like rust, never sleeps. I use CRC 556 marine. WD 40 is a first cousin. Spray all electrical connections regularly, say once every six months. It is a whole lot easier than hunting down failed connections. I spray behind all instruments and switch panels. Over all alternators and starter motors and associated connections. Over and INTO (caps deliberate) the water pump for the air con. Mounted so low it is in a very vulnerable position. I also go all round the engine room and spray all metal parts and particularly hose clamps.
One Amel friend said to me on looking into my engine room. How come you don't have rust like mine. I smiled and shook my can of CRC
Caution, be sure to only use product that is rated for electrical use. One person I know once sprayed the back of his radios with a product  including a longer lasting lubricant additive. He was about to start an ocean race and lost the use of his radios.
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For a couple of years I have had an issue ,where I turn the key and nothing happens, or the blower may come on and then turning the key further results in the blower going off. It seems to be a condition where there is an electrical contact ,but when additional load is required ,the contact is broken. I can go months without this occurring , but it does, and I need to resolve it ,before it gets me into trouble. I have a new starter battery and starter ,so that is not the issue. I have in the past turned the battery switches off and on repeatedly and then been able to start the engine ,but not always. We met up with Delos in the Caribbean  a few times and I know Brian disassembled his switches to clean the contacts.But I did not ask if he was having starting issues , I guess I assumed he did. Before I go to the trouble of doing that, I was wondering if other owners have had such an issue and cleaned their switches . Is there other possible causes I should look at first. It would not be easy to get the pins out of the handles , and disconnect all the cables in order to disassemble the switches ,so I don't want to do it if it has never been an issue before, I have never heard anyone in all these years mention a problem with the switch contacts.
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