Reinsert SM Bow Thruster after service

Eamonn Washington


every 2 years I service the bow thruster, changing the oil and lip seals and foam doughnuts  and greasing the tube on my Super Maramu.  Every 2 years it is a nightmare getting the bow thruster to detach from the motor after the 4 bolts are removed, and a bigger nightmare to reinsert it. The cast iron at the base of the motor is rusty, which I treated.  I am the 4th owner and the third owner did not maintain the boat well.

My problem is that I simply cannot reinsert the bow thruster back into the motor.  I gather from this forum that for some it is always "sweet", it just slides in. 

I guess the difficulty getting it out implies that it will be difficult to get in.  But I give up.  So what can I do to improve the situation now and in the future?  Should I take the rusty base out and machine it to make it possible to slide the bow thruster in?  If I have to go down this route then I will give up hope of sailing this year.  It seems to be a mammoth task.

I am not sure if the center spline is the problem too; what do you do to ensure that it stays in the center as you push up the lower part.

Am I the only one with the reinserting the bow thruster after service problem?


Eamonn Washington
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