Re: Mastervolt Alpha High-Output Alternator Temperature when charging LiFePO4

Dominique Sery

Hello, Mastervolt indicates in the documentation that the power must be reduced from 100 ° and the alternator stopped at 125 °.  The problem with the temperature sensor is that it cannot be attached to the hottest part of the alternator.  With an Alpha Pro 2 or 3 regulator with masterbus socket, it is possible to modify certain parameters such as the temperature not to be exceeded, by adjusting it to 55 ° (at the location of the probe) the internal temperature of the  alternator will not be too high (I set to 60 °, I will do other tests and measurements) as well as choose the lithium profile.  The software also reduces the output power, but the latest version (web software) requires the intervention of an online Mastervolt technician.  It is not possible to modify the proposed lithium profile yourself (28.5 bulk / absorption, absorption time 4 h, floating 27 v).  On the Alpha pro 1, it is possible to adjust the bulk, absorption and float voltages as well as the absorption time to best approximate the recommended settings for lithium batteries, with a screwdriver.
Irko A54#16

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