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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Doug;


I have not opened ours in a while, but believe we have what bill has sent.





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My 54 is the 113th hull and has the circuit board attached as it’s control circuit.  I went looking for the capacitors when mine was freezing up, and I found this instead.


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I believe that somewhere about mid-production of the A-54 the Climma Compact units changed from capacitor-controlled fan speed to a semiconductor-controlled fan speed. If you have the "before  semiconductor-controlled fan speed," I believe that you probably have one of the two PCBs below.

The "C1" in the middle can be 4.0 rather than 3.15

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Not much help but if the fan keeps running at max speed it’s typically a semiconductor (MOS-FET, Power transistor, etc.) that has given up and acts like a full conductor. You could try to trace the circuit for the fan to see if you see a big transistor-like component. Often it will be attached to some cooling body.  Make sure the unit has no power.
Now you can measure across the connection points of the component. If you see zero ohm resistance across some of the points the component is suspect and has to be desoldered. Again measure the resistance across the contacts. If it again measures (close to) zero ohm chances are you found the problem. 
I have not seen a proper schematic diagram for the Climma units.


Arno Luijten
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