Re: In Mast Furling

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Eric. I own SM 299. I have never had a jam on the main. I dont have battens. I find the system very forgiving. I just work the two switches to keep the sail off tight as it rolls

 I have never done it but I suspect the biggest cause of jamming would be rolling very loose causing bunching. I find if I overload the motors the breakers pop long before any damage. This is my first in.mast furling. I was a lifetime racer so had a strong predudice against in mast sustems. Now as a cruiser (performance orientated) I would have nothing else. I would never add battens.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

On 17 July 2021 at 13:50 Eric Forster <eforster70@...> wrote:

Ok so here it is. I have been thinking about getting an Amel for quite a while and am about ready to make the leap, but with all things I over think everything. I love the boat, but the inmast furling scares me quite a bit. I have only been on one boat with it and we had issues a couple of the times that we went out. Seeing that I plan on doing the first sail in our new boat from Hawaii to California I am a bit nervous to say the least. Going up the mast in the middle of the Pacific is not my idea of a good time. Just looking to hear from people about their experience with the inmast furling on the Amels, good, bad, and ugley.


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