Re: Mold between cushion and chest freezer on 55

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Hi Billy,

 We had the same on our SM.  We resolved it by putting a loose layer of matting on top of the "carpet" finish--- rubbery/plastic, with square holes, the sort of thing you might find on the floor of a shower to stop you slipping.

It's unobtrusive, about 15mm deep and the air circulation through the holes prevents the mould.  

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada, Greece

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Mold between cushion and chest freezer on 55
I'm noticing 2 problems on my chest freezer since the heat wave started. My AC was out so it was rather hot in the boat. There is some mold on the "carpet" finish on top of the chest freezer lid, between the chest door and the cushion on top of it. There is also moisture getting between the freezer door and the freezer and there is ice building in that corner on the plate.
We've been spraying down the "carpet" with mold killer but the moisture is new. Any ideas?

Billy (Amel 55#56)

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