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We did the same when we went over with our Santorin.   Went from Key West to Maine and never had a problem with the electrics.
Robin Cooter
Santorin 004 - Belouga

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We use a 50 amp usa bayonet plug and wire it using the blue hooked to the
red on the plug, the brown hooked to the black and the green to the green.
The white is not used.

This gives you 220 volts 60 cycles which works most of the items on the

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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We intend to cross from Europe to the Caribbean with ARC 2010 and then to
cruise the Caribbean and during the summer of 2011 to travel up the east
coasts of the USA.

We have a standard European fitted Amel 54 that functions on 220v 50Hz.

I would be grateful for advice on how to cope with 110v and 60Hz assuming
that is possible, in order to take advantage of shore power during our vist
to the United States.

Martin Bevan
Caduceus - Amel 54 No 56 2007

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