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Leopold Hauer

Hello Juan,


we had Roy Bravo from Emmanuel Agencies as an agent for the Panama Canal and can really recommend him. His linehandlers are very experienced too.



We liked Shelter Bay marina very much,  safe and great atmosphere, we stayed there a few weeks and also had our SM on the hard while we went home during rainy season.


Since we went to FP via Ecuador we don’t have  current informations concerning Galapagos.


The only real haul out facility in the Marquesas is on Hiva Oa:


But I doubt that they can  handle a SM, noonsite says ‘up to 42 ft’.


You would have to leave the boat in Tahiti or Raiatea. Tahiti city Marina is wonderful ( no dry dock though), you would have to write them and negotiate prices.

In Raiatea there is

where you can leave the boat on the hard.

could be very helpful to you. 


You should also  join the Facebook-group “French Poly Cruisers”- they are very active and can give you any kind of current information.


Good luck and best regards,


Leo Hauer

Yin Yang SM 69 In Fiji

I am at home in austria

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Am 17.07.2021 um 10:15 schrieb Juan de Zulueta via <jdezulueta@...>:

Our boat is currently in Carriacou, Grenada innTyrell bay marina until October. We are planning to cross the Pacific Ocean via Panama and Galapagos with another Amel boat friend around May 2022. 

i have a few questions :

- I would like to know if other members of this group have similar plans ? Interested to sha

- some of you might have crossed recently and want to share experience regarding Panama crossing (agent recommendation), Galapagos…
- in Marquises , there is a boatyard called Maintenance Marquises, is this boatyard suitable for a super Maramu? In Polynesia where would you leave your boat for a couple of month to be able to come back home ? In December and or in July August?

look forward to read from you.

Juan de Zulueta
Super Maramu #32

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