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You are one of the best Amel owners I know with extensive knowledge and extremely experienced. Your knowledge and experience are far beyond the average sailor. A large portion of my SM & 54 clients who have mainsail battens have experienced issues from torn or chafed sails to fractured and broken foils. And, this always seems to happen with unexpected weather with a rush to furl. Many of the Amel mainsails I have seen with battens use a 25mm wide batten, some like the one in the photo I posted earlier are 14mm. There have been more issues with the 25mm batten than the 14mm, but as you can see in my photo, the 14mm verticle batten also jams, twists, and breaks.

I believe the biggest issue is that none of us want to be mid-ocean with a sail fouled because of verticle battens, when, at best, battens are going to possibly improve your 3000-mile passage by hours, not days. I believe the risk of an issue increases with the lack of experience, but even the experienced sailor may have an issue caused by vertical battens in a furling sail. I firmly believe that the risk of an incident on an ocean passage is not worth the reward of arriving a few hours early. 

That said, if the Amel owner sails his Amel competitively, even if he competes only with himself, vertical battens will give that owner an edge that will be measured in tenths of a knot.

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This is what can happen if the mainsail is not furled properly.
It's not the batten's fault.
This batten has been twisted around the mast foil and consequently broke.
It got twisted and broke  because the boom wasn't level when furling, much more than just once.
We have short vertical battens in our Deme Voiles (sadly out of business) hydranet mainsail and in 8 years we haven't broken one.
It's like anything on a boat (or in life), if you don't learn to do it properly you will create problems that can turn into disasters.
Elyse SM437

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