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Hi Martin, Yes, we have just had Pen Azen Coppercoated. She is SM no. 302, launched in June 2000. We had her treated by Symblast on the Hamble. Essentially, they sandblasted the antifouling off, leaving a very shiny gel coat which they then needed to abraid with a disc sander to get a good key. They then rolled on 4 coats of Coppercoat, an epoxy with 18% copper powder mixed in--they mix one litre at a time- and with the iron keel they took it back to shiny metal, treated the metal with its own epoxy ( several layers) and then coppercoated on top. We had it done in August , in dry weather. Symblast were very conscious of putting it on in the dry, though I think that Coppercoat themselves are a bit more relaxed. I did a fair amount of research before opting for Coppercoat. If you email them ( they give prompt and full answers Undoubtedly there were some horror stories in the earlier years amongst other firms ( with similar names) who didn't get the mix right and most of them have gone out of business as a result. However, Coppercoat do seem to have cracked it. The editor of Practical Boat Owner put it on her boat 10 years ago and swears by it--and her boat is only out of the water for 12 HOURS a year! She doesn't do anything to improve the surface, though you do hear of some who are in very polluted river waters who occasionally rub off a layer of slime. Coppercoat claim to have treated about 30,000 boats and when Oyster and Sunseeker are using their product that says a lot to me. See Pen Azen is at Swanwick marina. She has only been back in the water for a couple of months, so its early days. Give me a buzz if you want to know more. My cel phone is 07870659844 Cheers, Ian and Judy Jenkins, Pen Azen, SM 302

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 16:07:49 +0000
Subject: [Amel] Coppercoat anti-fouling

When our Amel 54 was being built the yard declined to consider applying Coppercoat saying that it would invalidate their anti-osmosis guarantee.

Coppercoat appealed then as it does now, the thought of an antifouling that will last 10 years in most conditions has great appeal.

Our boat is currently in Ipswich amongst a glittering array of new Oyster yachts, and standing up to scrutiny particularly well. In discussion with the yard manager it came out that over 50% of new Oysters are being treated with Coppercoat, including the latest yacht built for the recently retired Chairman. On the basis that what is good for the Oyster should be good for the Amel does anyone out there have experience with Coppercoat and Amel yachts?


Martin Bevan
Caduceus - Amel 54 No 56 2007


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