Yanmar - Replacement Exhaust Elbow position

Dan Carlson

This is specifically for Amel SM owners with the Yanmar 4JH3-HTE engine who have replaced the Exhaust Elbow with the cast SS replacement.    (see attached photos)


I am planning to replace the ~1 meter exhaust hose that goes from the Exhaust elbow to the water separator.   When the mechanic looked at it his first question was “can the mounting be rotated 120 degrees so that it does not put such a bend in the exhaust pipe?”    So that is my question to this group. 


My replacement elbow is currently mounted with the exhaust exit vertical with a slight bend to the back of the engine, the water comes in from the front side.   If I rotated it 120 degrees, then the exhaust would exit more toward the back and greatly reduce the bend in the exhaust pipe.  The water would come in at a lower angle.   I don’t think that it would introduce any more risk of water back up into the turbo.  


Anyone have experience or knowledge related to this?


Thanks and regards,  Daniel Carlson, Amel SM #387, sv BeBe





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