Re: Galley Stove Replacement #stove #galley

Bill Kinney

We recently installed a Force10 and are very happy with the upgrade from the original.

We found a special deal on the four burner model, but would have been just as happy with the three burner.  Our old stove had two burners, each “medium” in heat.  Sometimes too cool, sometimes too hot, rarely perfect. This has one really hot burner, and three smaller ones, a good mix for almost all the cooking I do.  We really like the thermostatically controlled oven, that does a great job at holding the set temperature.  And having the overhead broiler is a great asset.

As far as current production quality, it uses exactly the same parts and design as the one I installed 20 years ago, that is still going strong in that boat.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA

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