Re: Holes in the watertight bulkhead

Jim Anderson

I recall there was a discussion of this on the old Yahoo group a decade or so ago. On SM384 in the forward head, looking in the bottom, aft opening and facing aft, outboard, there is an opening through the watertight bulkhead which, if I remember correctly, is for the A/C seawater pipe, (flowing forward). There is some space around this pipe that water could pass through if not caulked. It may be necessary to remove an access plate to see this. Also if memory serves, I believe the gentleman broker in Fort Lauderdale who has forgotten more about Amels than I'll ever know, may have indicated on that thread that this was the case in a fair number of SM's, and should be checked. But I could be wrong about that part, as the ol' synapses ain't always what they used to be.
Sirena AzulĀ 

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