chain counter

william reynolds

Does anyone have a good wiring schematic for the original Pochon Chain counter. I have the factory drawings which are not decipherable even if you read French.
I have 3 cables coming to the panel instrument and 2 of these go to a box above the sink labeled "Chain counter". .In this box is a terminal strip which connects the two cables from the panel and also there are 3 smaller cables with 3 wires each.  which connect in some form to the larger cables. One of these smaller cables comes from the constant power supply and one from the counter on the windless.  I can ring out the windless sensor and power supply but what the other cables are is a mystery.
The chain counter is hot all the time when then the power supply is on. This is a bad idea. Having a hot wire in the windless when you are underway and salt spray is flying is inviting corrosion. Needs a dedicated  off/of switch. 
Bill R
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

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