Super Maramu No 29 of 1990 brand new drive unit

Helen and Kostas Yuvanidi

Dear all,

We just received our brand new drive unit from Amel and are wondering if anyone else has replaced theirs and has any advice for us. We have a mechanical engineer to do the job but it would be really helpful if anybody has any advice for us. We had the old original drive unit which gave us various problems for many years until we decided that enough was enough and it was time for an upgrade.

We received all the hoses etc to mount it plus the new mounts and frame for both the engine and the drive unit as we need to raise the engine in order to mount the new drive unit.
I am attaching photos of the parts we received plus the plan for mounting the drive unit to the keel.
As Maud told me we will need to drill a hole in the drive unit so the we can pass the bolt though to affix it to the keel.
We are in touch with Amel but any advice and do or don’ts would be helpful.

Best regards,
Helen and Kosta SY Meditation SM No 29 of 1990
Based in Aegina, Greece

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