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Hi Bill:
You are correct in that this is not your problem. I was the one who originally
came up with and posted the bright idea of mixing the colors to give
the nice Hershey Chocolate color. My paint did the same thing but it took about
2 years and went through several stages. It first turned black then took on a
black green sheen. My Polytrol also failed within a year. It first turned somewhat
clear white, then looked like a fleece or someone's bad sunburn peeling off. It
eventually complete flaked off leaving the deck and stripes none the worse for
wear and tear. It sure did look nice for 6 months or so.

I am sorry that my idea and posting led you down this path. I thought I posted
something on the color change but I don't recall for sure. I know that red
pigments oxidize more quickly than other colors and I suspect the red
colored paint is the culprit. I am wondering about using colored gelcoat next
time I do my stripes.

I am currently just living with my black/green stripes and will be back on the boat
in about a week after being absent for the last 6 months. I will let you know
what color the stripes are now.

Best, Gary Silver Amel SM2000 Hull 335 "Liahona" Antigua

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We used Interlux Brightside single part polyurethane paint to re-stripe our deck. We bought a quart of red, a quart of green, and a quart of white. We mixed the colors until we had an exact match to the chocolate and applied the paint with a striping wheel. The paint dried and looked great for about 2 months in New Zealand sun. After several months, the paint began to turn from chocolate to green. It is now green!

We are not sure what went wrong, but wanted to let you know that we regret NOT getting the color professionally color-matched.

I do not believe it was the paint: Interlux Brightside
I do not believe it was the mixer: me
And I am absolutely sure it was not the striper: Judy

I guess for the time being we will blame it on the Kiwi's!


s/v BeBe, SM2, #387
currently Malaysia

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