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Press and hold the Reset (or older model "Z")  button on the chain counter to turn it off, or to turn off power to the chain counter turn off the toggle switch on the 24-12-volt converter marked permanent.

Momentarily pressing the reset button will zero out the counter.


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On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 6:01 PM william reynolds <sail23692@...> wrote:
Does anyone have a good wiring schematic for the original Pochon Chain counter. I have the factory drawings which are not decipherable even if you read French.
I have 3 cables coming to the panel instrument and 2 of these go to a box above the sink labeled "Chain counter". .In this box is a terminal strip which connects the two cables from the panel and also there are 3 smaller cables with 3 wires each.  which connect in some form to the larger cables. One of these smaller cables comes from the constant power supply and one from the counter on the windless.  I can ring out the windless sensor and power supply but what the other cables are is a mystery.
The chain counter is hot all the time when then the power supply is on. This is a bad idea. Having a hot wire in the windless when you are underway and salt spray is flying is inviting corrosion. Needs a dedicated  off/of switch. 
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