Re: Super Maramu No 29 of 1990 brand new drive unit


Hi Helen and Kosta,
I replaced Kristy's drive several years ago. It was straightforward.  If you don't have the alignment "tool" for aligning the engine with the drive, you should really have that.  It is basically a solid block (I had mine made of aluminum by a local machinist) the same thickness as the coupling with holes drilled as on the coupling.  You will also need high strength threaded rod with nuts on both ends to make the connection of coupling to drive and transmission.  Bolts were supplied by Amel...nearly impossible to install.

I'm working from memories several years old and my mind is no longer the steel trap it used to be, but I don't remember any other issues.

If you run into problems, please contact me directly at karkauai "at" yahoo "dot" com.  Maybe your question will jog a buried memory.

Good luck.

Kent & Iris
SM 243
Currently cruising Maine

Kent & Iris

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