Re: feathering props for a mango

Ron Hynes

My max prop has been  trouble free for 23 years so I can’t help with a prop recommendation. The J-Prop marketed by Beta seems interesting as you can adjust the pitch without removing it from the shaft.  However, I am considering driving an alternator with the prop shaft. Can you tell me the pulley ratio or the sizes of each and the amount of power you produce?

Ron Hynes

On Jul 22, 2021, at 10:09 AM, Hank rose via <hankonthewater@...> wrote:

My 28 year old max prop developed a crack in the body, discovered on a recent haulout. Never caused issues (when I owned it), but It is not repairable, so they say.
Any suggestions or experiences out there? Autostream said they do not make a model that fit my requirements. Considering now: Max prop, Variprop, and Autoprop.
Do I need a shaft brake for the Autoprop? hmm that would it make it more complicated.
I am planning to re-install a prop shaft mounted alternator again (as it came originally with that). Got all the hardware etc for it.
~take care~

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