Blisters under Orange Boot Stripe

Gerhard Hoffmann

Hi all,

I'm on the hard at the moment for bi-yearly maintenance and I've noticed that there are blisters on the orange boot stripe on the aft end of the boat.  The yard manager here thinks it's definitely not osmosis, it's a paint or gelcoat problem but they're not experts.  Maybe somebody else had this issue.  When I poked the little holes with a knife there is no moisture coming out.  The blisters were exposed when the polisher went over it with some fine sandpaper aftr he attempted to repair a couple of blister spots. Photos attached.

Does the barrier coat that Amel installs under the gelcoat also extend under the orange stripe?  Does anyone have experience on how to fix this issue?  Advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks..
Gerhard Hoffmann
Pepino SM381
On the hard near Kavala, Greece

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