Amel Santorin: misunderstanding in Hyeres for sandblasting and antifouling

Attilio Siviero <attilio.siviero@...>

Hi everybody, this is my experience in doing maintenance works in Hyeres. I attch some photos separately (Album Sisila in this group).
I bought my Santorin last Winter in Cote d'Azur, the boat was idle in water since a couple of years.
I thought that for the first general revision it could be better to go to Hyeres (Amel Med), in spite of the advice of the broker (waste of money...).
All works done directly by Amel were of "first class": Amel labor force are of very high quality, even if, in spite of my request,  the manager said that davits for Santorin simply does not exist: after few months I informed him of the existence of are called "Boomerang", and they are the same used for Supermaramu -- but probably the stern transom must be reinforced and they are expensive, some 3.5kEuros).
But the simplest thing to be done was hull care: the survey revealed  in fact a state of abandon since several years, photos in Sisila Album (fig. 1 to 4).
After works in Hyeres (hull care was sub-contracted end of May 2009, fig. 5), we brought the boat to Genova, and then to Cagliari, Sardinia, during summer cruise.
When lifted in Cagliari, on November 2009 (after less than 6 months), the state of the hull was worse than in May, before Hyeres care (fig. 6 to 9).
After my complains with Hyeres (Amel Med), the answer  was:
........ every 5/7 years, it is normal to remove all of them and apply an epoxy coating and then a new antifouling.......
This is the difference between theory and practice! This was the reason why I went to Hyeres: to have the hull properly cared, and they did not.
Even if I did not specify it  in writing to the sub-contractor (I specified it to Amel in a email on 25/02/2009, but the order apparently did not pass),  good professionals should have suggested it, isn't it?
Maybe in Hyeres they are too busy, so the less, the better. Do not go there for your works on the boat, unless they are very Amel-specific.
Amel Santorin #84 "Sisila"

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