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Eric Freedman


Bill posted a couple of solutions instead of using the black knobs. I originally made the closures as per the drawing years ago from teak. They worked great. I then saw the metal ones I bought them and gave the teak ones away. . They also work well. However they are too long, are difficult to turn due to their length, and bang on the top of the side of the companionway steps. In retrospect, I should have stayed with the teak ones.

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Dear Eric,

Thank you very much for the photos, drawing and explanation.

This is what I was thinking to have seen on an other SM.

Will work on it.

Appreciate the effort 


Fair winds






Op 23 jul. 2021 om 06:25 heeft eric freedman <kimberlite@...> het volgende geschreven:

On the inboard side of the companionway there are two threaded bolts sticking out of it.

Sitting on each bolt is a piece of stiff plastic tubing inside of a coil spring in the first photo attached .

The locking bar of the companionway sits on these bolts,

When you tighten the black knob, it compresses the spring .

The spring allows the bar to move inboard when the black knob is released.

Please excuse my poor drawing.

The bar fits into a depression on the companionway rails.

To make my life easier I fabricated a pair of nylon blocks that fit as door stops so the door always lines up with the slot in the rails. I also purchased a pair of levers that make opening and closing the door easier.

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