Shore power supplies - 220v and 110v

Jose Venegas <jgvenegas@...>

I have not tested it but I have been told that the Microwave, the Dish
Washer or the cloth washing drier SHOULD NOT be connected to shore power at
60 Hz even if it is 220V. The pervious owner told me his Microwave was
fried when a guest started it when connected to shore power!

All the rest, water heater, AC, and battery chargers work fine at 60 Hz.

Now, I am still puzzled about one detail that someone in this forum may have
an answer.
The european 240V and the power produced by the generator on board have 3
cables: one live, one neutral and one ground. When you measure the voltages
between them you have Live-neutral and Life to ground =240V, and
neutral-ground =0 volts.
In contrast, when connected to 220V us shore power, the readings from the
same terminals are: Live-neutral:220V, Life to ground 110V and neutral to
ground= 110V. This is because in the US we take the 220V shore power from a
3-phase AC supply where both Live and neutral have voltage relative to
My question is: does this difference and the fact that one does not have a
true neutral affect stray currents and electrolysis on the boat.


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