Re: There is a spring on the companionway locking bar


I'm away from KAIMI so I cannot give you a photo but we have a rather large sliding bolt lock on the top inside corner of the companion way slide that was installed by the previous owner.  He also filled in the indentations with wood so the bar would not catch (but the spring idea to hold the bar out is a good idea)  The only time I tighten the black knobs is 1) when I am wanting to lock the door partially up, like when running in large seas or 2) when I leave the boat for an extended time--we also have the external stainless steel padlocks protection device and we use bolt cutter protected locks on those.

There are 2 grooves to fix the 90 bolt "handle" in the open or closed position.  BTW there is a similar massive bolt that allows you to bolt the rear stateroom door from the inside.

Anyway, I really like the bolt, it is strong, super quick, and you don't need to mess with cam locks, etc.  I will try to update this post in a month or two with a photo when I am aboard.

Bob, KAIMI SM429

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