Re: D3-110 Starter Earthing Relay Part Number Request

ngtnewington Newington

As for the water pump located above the 12v alternator. There is a shelf or drip tray under the raw water pump. I place a dark napkin under the pump on this tray. When, not if, the pump starts to drip you will see white salt crystals on the napkin. Time to change the pump seals.
In my experience it always happens gradually. Only if you ignore the drip will the alternator get salty wet..
S/Y Amelia
AML 54-019 
Skylos Gr

On 24 Jul 2021, at 15:05, Dominique Sery via <dominiquesery@...> wrote:

´╗┐Totally agree with you, the seawater pump is really badly placed

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