Re: Main hatch

william reynolds

Just some info on hatch retainers. Attached are photos of the hatch retaining system as installed by Amel  when  delivered to Joel Potter.
Pic #1 shows the door up and the lockers in the "unlock" position. 
Pic # 2 shows the elliptical lockers for the hatch. Up for unlock, down for locking.
Pic # 3 shows the release springs that disengage the wood bar  when lifted up. The springs are over the threaded rubber pieces that attach the ss shaft to the door. 
You simply lift the door with the handles  up the put the handles in the down position to lock. Reverse to open. 
The hinge in Pic #1 is to lift and remove the door as needed.(See Picture)
Bill R
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

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