Engine overheating - Amel54

David Crisp

Hi All,

I've a problem with my engine D3-110i-C engine running hot (it has 1350hrs on the clock)  I'm having to keep the rev's down at 1100RPM of less otherwise the engine temp steadily rises, so that once it gets to 95degC I back of  the revs.

Apart from the temperature gauge, if I let it run hot some steam can be seen in the exhaust.

Another thing I've noticed is some gurlgling noise coming from the cockpit drain - I'm suspicious this is coming from the anti-syphon bleed hose from the exhaust anti-syphon loop.

I've check the sea water intake, the sea-chest strainer, changed the impeller (it was okay), I've bled air out of the top of the sea chest, I've taken the hoses off the exhaust elbow and that appears clear.

Any suggestions?

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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