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Horst Pause <horst.puddleduck@...>

Thanks for that. Hoowever, it appears to me that the arrangement on an SM is different to that on the older Maramu. One end of the hose is the standard size, the other (the shower head end) is a smaller thread (that needs to fit/go through the hole in the wash basin.


From: Jose Venegas <>
Sent: Tue, 24 November, 2009 19:42:30
Subject: [Amel] Re: SHOWER HOSE

Hi, I just changed our shower head for one bought at HomeDepot (a few bucks
for a fancy one) and it fitted perfectly the original shower hose. It must,
therefore be a standard thread.

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM2K 278
Hibernating at Constitution Marina, Boston

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