Re: Rocna 33 anchor- does it fits without modification on Super Maramu 2000

Rink De Haan

Hi Slavko

I have had the 33 for three years. Fitted perfectly but I decided it was to light in some situations. Now we have the Rocna 44 which also fits without modification and am very satisfied with it (after I removed shackles). 

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Op 26 jul. 2021 om 16:16 heeft Slavko Despotovic <slavko@...> het volgende geschreven:


after waking at 6 a clock in 30m of water and 200m from shore I have decided to stop fighting original Amel anchor.
on my previous boat I had Delta and it was good for 17 years.
After reading posts and some investigation and possibility of fast delivery I have decided for Rocna 33. What is the latest experience with this anchor (I can have it delivered here in Croatia  in less then week), and does it fit without modification on SM 2000?

Thank you
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