Re: Rocna 33 anchor- does it fits without modification on Super Maramu 2000

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hallo Slavko

Your concerns about messing holding regarding Original Amel Wasi Bugelanchor…i totally agree with you. We already have had so much trouble with them im weedy soil and hard sand. no pleasure anymore, we changed. No more trouble!

Ask UltraMarine Anchors in Prague ( resp. For Europe) and there for Kris Teaotea, sales manager.
He did made a special quote for us Ameliens, about 28% less 
I have also ordered a 45 kg for pur A54. Ist fits perfectly on our bowroller,inkl. the special swivel. Shipping easy in whole Europe, also to our little remote island in Greece. here within 10 days.
The ultramarine anchor is state of the art today. Holds like shark teeth!,
Hope this helps, further Info here:


Best wishes and fair winds 
Ulrich Michael
„Soleil Bleu“ A54#088
Leros GR

Am 26.07.2021 um 16:16 schrieb Slavko Despotovic <slavko@...>:


after waking at 6 a clock in 30m of water and 200m from shore I have decided to stop fighting original Amel anchor.
on my previous boat I had Delta and it was good for 17 years.
After reading posts and some investigation and possibility of fast delivery I have decided for Rocna 33. What is the latest experience with this anchor (I can have it delivered here in Croatia  in less then week), and does it fit without modification on SM 2000?

Thank you
SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse, sailing in Croatia

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