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I am not sure I can help, but I will try.

That remote oil filter adapter may have leaked before and someone repaired it by using epoxy or something else to stop the leak which also has given you the problem you currently have. I also suspect someone fabricated what you have. And, I believe there is more than 1 bolt. Is that all you found? 
Here is a link to the exploded original filter mount (thumbnail is below...better view with the link: 

I searched for a photo of the Volvo TMD remote oil filter kit and did not find one. I found the Volvo OEM remote filter bracket Part 3860450, but I did not find the engine-mounted item. I think it is possible that the part attached to your engine was fabricated by someone. I suspect that the original oil filter mount/bracket has 2 bolts. The photo below may be the OEM Volvo kit for the remote oil filter. If not, it is likely similar. This system leaves the original oil filter mount in place and you screw an adapter to the original filter mount, then attach hoses to it leading to the new location for the filter.
The few remote oil filter kits I have seen added by owners work like this kit above and are better illustrated with the kit below. The red-circled piece screws onto the existing filter mount as a filter does, then the hoses are connected to it and the remote filter mount mounted.
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On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 1:21 PM Herman Goverse <h.goverse@...> wrote:
We have a Volvo Penta TMD22a with a ‘remote’ oil filter. In the engine an adaptor piece has been mounted from which the hoses run to the filter cartridge. We strongly suspect this square shaped adaptor piece to leak a signifant amount of oil. The mechanic here in Sardinia cannot get the piece from the engine block. It is either attached with liquid sealant or maybe an extra hidden bolt or something. 
Does anyone here know how this piece is mounted and how it should come off?

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