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WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear Amelians with VP D3-110 C engines,


As disused few weeks ago, I made some research about the D3-110 sensors and asked SAV. AMEL re-directed me to GWEN Marine which is the Volvo supplier in France who delivers the Engines and Spare parts to AMEL.


GWEN Marine gave me a list (quote) and advice of the correct electronical parts/sensors. Attached you will find the quote of those VP parts for the D3-110 C Series. Unfortunately, in French because they don’t speak English. In the list are the most important parts who can potentially fail, but not necessary do fail !


There are only two components which are specific to our boats:


  • One is the Oil Pressure Sensor which is Bipolar – Nr. 863160 (old),
    • The new Part Nr is: 8151889


  • Another is the Mass-Relay – Nr. 860877-0 (old), the new Nr is: 872242
    • The Mass Relay is located close to the Alternator below the Oil-filter housing.


The others are standard Volvo Engine parts, and do not need extra wire (due to isolated grounding).


According to Gwenael RAMBAUT from GWEN MARINE, all Sensors can be changed by the owner without special tool, but technical competence and basic understanding needed.  BTW:  There are sensors which need a EVC computer fault reset or calibration for proper work after replacement.

GWEN said; “None of the offered sensor replacement needs a reset or calibration of the EVC computer”. BUT: I’m not 100% sure if this is correct?


You don’t need not order all parts from a Volvo Penta dealer because you probably find some elsewhere for a fraction of the Volvo Pricing as many of you discovered. Some are original BOSCH sensors and can be found in Internet as Scott & Ulrich mentioned recently. Be careful, there are lots of similar part numbers around. But at least you do have the correct original VP Parts numbers now! If you want to be sure, go to a Volvo Dealers which will be happy to get the high margin 😉


Best regards and fair winds


Ruedi Waldispuehl

WASABI A54. #55 / currently in Valencia

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Thank you Bill,

I will ask Volvo France and try to get an answer; - will let you know.

Best, Ruedi


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The best advice I can give you to get a list is to contact Volvo France for that list with your model and serial number. You have model C and I believe the latest model is at least H. 


Volvo France is the ones who modified at least some, maybe all of the D3s for isolated ground. There might be a different sensor between some models. I am not sure of that. 


The sensor that seems to be the most common sensor to fail and cause problems is the boost sensor followed by the oil pressure sensor, but this is not an analytical answer.


If/when you get an answer, please let me know, and if possible, ask which models of the D3, in addition to the C, the list will apply to. 


CW Bill Rouse 
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On Mon, Jun 14, 2021, 11:03 AM Courtney Gorman via <> wrote:

Try Bosch automotive sensors they worked for me and were very inexpensive 

On Jun 14, 2021, at 10:36 AM, Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Dear Amelia’s  


Because our Volvo D3-110 is running with some sensors, I try to find out which of those are most important and vital to have as spare. I do have the D3-110 C and I’m quite happy with it, but I feel better to have those sensors who could fail as spare.


Does anyone have a list and a source of those vital sensors?

Can anybody let us know which of those you have spare and where you ordered them?


@Bill Rose: Do I need to have all these sensors with isolated ground? Not sure about these?

I found some with 3 Pins, four pins and also 2 pins. The “m prop valve” Sensor has only 2 pins and therefore most likely not with isolated ground?? Correct?

Hope to get some feedback about the mystery - sensors ;-)
Happy Sailing 

Ruedi Waldispuehl
Currently in Cartagena (ES)

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