Re: Rocna 33 anchor- does it fits without modification on Super Maramu 2000

Bill Kinney


It is important to remember when we are talking an anchor fit on a Super Maramu the bow roller came in (at least) two different configurations.  What fits on an older boat might not fit on a newer one, and the other way round.

I would second the comment that a Rocna 33 is too small for long term constant use on a Super Maramu.  Read the fine print on the Rocna sizing table:  They are recommending anchors for “UP TO 50 KNOTS OF WIND”. To my mind, that is not adequate for a boat that needs to be self-sufficient at anchor in what ever weather comes. Not saying that the Rocna is a bad anchor, just that it needs to be bigger than recommended in the official table for full time cruising use. I know Rocna makes a big deal about being very conservative on their anchor sizes, but nobody ever work up at 2AM in a 60 knot squall worried their anchor was too big.

We had a Roca 40 (80lbs) on Harmonie, and it fit on the “old style” bow roller fine.  We have since replaced it with a 105 lb Mantus M1. We have a lot more confidence it it than the smaller Rocna. It took a bit fo jiggering to have it fit on the roller, but we do not consider it too large at all. I’d put a 120 lb on if it would fit.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA

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