Re: Rocna 33 anchor- does it fits without modification on Super Maramu 2000

Martin Birkhoff

Hi Slavko,

as others have already said, I am also convinced that a 33 kg anchor is too light for a Super Maramu. Besides the design of an anchor, the weight is essential. The Bügel anchor and the Rocna anchor are very similar in design. The performance will not differ significantly.

On our circumnavigation from 2004 to 2009, we had a 30 kg WASI Bügel anchor with a WASI powerball and 70 m of Chromox chain. This anchor set up was absolutely reliable and always held. Even in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. According to our statistics, which I compiled for a German sailing journal, we anchored more than 300 times on this trip. There were only two critical situations. Once when we anchored on a layer of kelp more than a metre thick, no anchor would have penetrated this, and once because we had made a mistake. 
It is important to know that we ran this anchor set up on a 39-foot aluminium design that weighed around 11 tonnes fully equipped.

When we bought our Mago del Sur, there was no original anchor nor chain on board. We initially took the 70 m Chromox chain and the 30 kg WASI Bügel anchor from our old boat. At the next opportunity, we exchanged the anchor for a 42 kg Bügel anchor from the manufacturer Niro-Petersen. Today we use a 45 kg Ultra anchor on a 13 mm Chromox chain on port side and the 30 kg Bügel anchor with a 10 mm chain on starboard side, as this is the best way to us to arrange the two anchors. The 42 kg Bügel anchor rests in the aft peak as a reserve. So the ultra anchor with the heavy chain serves as the main anchor.

Just as a side note for those who are interested, there are Bügel anchors from other manufacturers, but the WASI is the best in terms of quality and design of little details compared to competing manufacturers.

For a 53 feet Super Maramu, I would definitely recommend an anchor between 40 and 45 kg.

Mago del Sur - 54#40

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