Re: Diesel heater install

Bill Kinney

Darren and Karen,

Running ductwork through a Super Maramu is a very tough task if you are not going to compromise the watertight bulkheads.  Because the watertight compartment design is one of the things about an Amel that is special, destroying it will compromise the value of the boat both to you and to any knowledgeable later purchaser.  

Not saying it can NOT be done, but some skilled engineering and shipwright’s skills will be needed.  Your best bet would be to tour an Amel installation or have someone with a boat where Amel installed the heater to send you LOTS of pictures.  Or as Eric suggests, the Amel “fresh air” system would also be a good model to use.

I am not sure what hull number these options were first offered, but I know that there were factory modifications to the design that made the install easier on later boats.

Good luck!  And stay warm!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA (where staying warm right now is NOT a problem!)

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