Re: Refrigeration guy in Volos Greece

Vladan SV PAME

Hi Nick,

Find Nikos from boat No Stress. He's running day charter boat moored in
front of Baramares Caffe. If he's not currently there he will be later in
the afternoon.

He will be able to give you contact in Volos. I it will be difficult to find
someone on Skopelos to fix fridge.

Give Nikos my regards.

Best Regards,

S.V. Pame
A54 #157

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Refrigeration guy in Volos Greece

Hello fellow Amel owners,

We are in Skopelos Greece. The front opening fridge has packed up.
Fortunately we have the deep freeze and the chest fridge and can manage well
despite 7 aboard.
I am pretty sure that there is a leak of refrigerant as the unit gradually
failed. All I need to do is find the leak and have it soldered, vacuum the
system and recharge. In order to do this I need a competent fridge guy.
Does anyone know of someone in the city of Volos where we will go in a weeks
time, or Skiathos, Skopelos who they can recommend?

Kind regards
Nick Newington
SY Amelia
AML 54-019
Skopelos, where there is no wind and it is hot but the beer is still cold.


A54 #157

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