Re: Maramu sail plan

Bill Kinney


I have never seen or heard of a stay from the front of a mizzen mast forward to the deck, and I have sailed ketches for decades.  It is not an Amel original setup.  As you have suggested a mizzen staysail is always flown on its own internal stay.  In the old days, this was wire, in modern sails a high tech line of spectra, kevlar, or dyneema.  Certainly when sailing downwind the mizzen mast is not in need of extra support FORWARD.  

My only guess (and it is just that) in this case is that whoever added this stay was thinking of a mizzen staysail that was a "hank-on" sail.  It would be a strange beast...

All that said, sailboat rigging is a study in infinite variations, and I have certainly not heard of them all....

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA

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