lithium battery warning

Eric Meury

take this for what it is worth.  

This may be a new reality.  but it is information you can decide what is best for you.  I posted this on the Amel FB group

LIthium battery warning!!!!
background : We are considering selling our santorin and looking at French Alum. Centerboard Sloops. In my research, i decided to call our insurance "the jackline" THE FIRST QUESTIONS SHE ASKED ME was "what type of batteries does the boat have" The very first! .... this prompted a discussion and these are what she said for the boats to be underwirtten. This is a big deal for even those Amels that have converted already. When you want to sell others may not be able to bind coverage. This changes my thoughts regarding intalling lithium in our current boat or any possible boat we purchase.
These are the rules.
lithium batteries have to bms. can't be self installed, and have to be installed by US person that has experience, and the value of the boat has to be under 150k.

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