Re: Stainless front opening fridge

Rick Stanley

I just installed a new Frigoboat stainless refrigerator on my SM2K. No real issues. After disassembling the washer/dryer cabinet and getting that out of the way, I slid out the old fridge and disassembled the under-fridge compressor box, took the mounting brackets off the old compressor, drilled some new holes, and re-constructed the box to hold the new compressor. Once I got that sorted, I mounted the box & new compressor to the bottom of the new fridge, made the connections, and slid the refrigerator back into place. I had to cut a small notch into the bottom edge of the countertop to account for the door hinge, and installed a small wire anchor from the side of the fridge to an eye bolt I placed under the sink to firmly secure it in place. The only issue I ran into was that I hadn't fully cranked down on the refrigerant connections and hadn't broken the seals inside the lines. Couple of pics to a tech and that was easily sorted. You REALLY have to crank on those connections. Overall the project took about 2 days, and since I installed it last week it's been working perfectly.

Rick Stanley
S/V Althea, SM2K #317
Rock Hall, Md

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