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I also have the same system on my boat and its great. I have the big yellow line for use in the U.S. and the small black line for the rest of the world. The heart inverter charger,( Zantrex) is the european model that is 220 volt 50 hertz. I can run everything on the boat at 50 hertz even in the U.S. I also can run the micro/wave at anchorage without turning on the generator via the heart charger. I was not the original owner but I believe Amel installed it. I also have the original Amel charger that was put on the boat. Its 220, 50 hertz. I can't say how these systems work ,but I have a bag full of different plugs and can hook up any where in the world even on a household extension cord. I think the 110 volt comes into the boat and goes to a transformer that has the 110 to 220 volt switch that probably then goes to the heart charger and comes out as 220volt/50hertz. Zantrexi is still selling this unit if any one is interested. They can probably tell you how it works. I've been using this system for over 6 years and no problem. When I go into a slip I just ask them if they are 110 or 220 and let me see the plug. Thank you Amel. John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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M. Tremblay,

I have two shore wires and a big switch in the engine room. When I plug in
the 110 US wire, I set the switch for 110 at the dock. This line goes to
the transformer that energizes the 220 outlets and appliances and to the
Hart charger and to the US 110 outlets. When I plug in the European 220
wire, I set the switch to 220 and this goes to the 220 battery charger and
directly to the European outlets and appliances. For the 110 60 cycle
outlets, I turn on the Hart Inverter. I do have a wiring diagram but it is
on the boat which I have just put to bed for the winter (its first time out
of the water and first time in a cold climate). If I have a chance to
retrieve the diagram, I will copy and post it.


I think that you are mistaken in your understanding of the European
electricity. If you use a tester to probe an outlet, you will find that
there is one hot wire. The other two are a return and a ground. Connecting
the hot to either of these will show 220+ volts. Connecting the return and
the ground will show nothing (unless something is seriously amiss). This
is how one checks the polarity. As in the US, if the polarity is reversed,
the battery charger will blow its fuses (or worse).

Regards to all,

Miles Bidwell

Sm216 LADYBUG on the hard in Rhode Island

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