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Hi Kent The auto prop literature says that if you need a different diameter prop it can be achieved by a blade change using the existing hub with commensurate savings, it may be worth following up. 
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Well, here I am again talking about the Volvo TMD 22 and low rpm. You are going to find this very interesting.

After spending over $6K on the engine with a cleaned then new turbo, cleaning and inspection of the injectors and injector pump, polishing the fuel then cleaning the tank and all fittings from the tank to the engine, checking the timing and changing the belt, numerous sea trials & haulings, ??????, we finally decided it could be a prop issue. Even tho the prior owner said he ran the engine at over 3K rpm a couple of times a day. They pulled the autoprop, put the fixed prop on and got her up to 2800. Then got the autoprop s/n and called them...turns out it is the prop rated for the same boat with the 100HP Yanmar. It's 22 1/4" dia., as is the fixed prop. The autoprop rated for the Volvo 78HP is 19" dia. We had the fixed prop repitched as much as possible (2") and can get her up to 2950rpm now, but there is only enough room for one nut on the prop shaft with that prop on. I had them drill a hole thru nut and shaft and install a heavy cotter pin and left
that prop on the boat. The autoprop folks couldn't get me the correct one in time so we're sailing with the fixed one until next Spring.

I haven't contacted Amel yet, but will be interested to hear what they say.....I feel certain that they fitted the boat with the wrong props from the beginning. I'm sure that's why the boat has needed the turbo replaced twice already. It's cost me $6K so far and will now cost me the price of another autoprop ($4,500 + shipping).

There are a couple other boats that say they never got more than 2600rpms out of their Volvos either. I would check your prop serial number. If it's 22 1/4" in diameter, I'd bet it's propped for a Yanmar 100HP.

At least I've got an engine that's been checked out from top to bottom and stem to stern and looks good for a lot of sea miles.

Do you think that Amel should buy me a new auto prop, or should I just inform them and let it go?

In Bermuda now, on to St. Thomas when the low clears out.

Have a great winter season,
S/V Kristy
SM 243

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Hi again all,
I tried to post this on my previous thread, but I couldn't find it using the search engine and just going back thru the topics??? I thought I had the rpm problem figured out, but alas, after all that was done it still won't get over 2400 under load. The mechanic who's looking at it now is convinced it's a timing belt problem and is working on that as we speak. I wrote to Amel and got this reply:

It looks like it does not come from the prop.
After reading your email, we know that some type of injectors can not be cleaned, and must be changed.
unfortunately, we are not able to say which type are fitted on your engine.
We also think that may come from the connection between the turbo and the injection pump.
When turbo turns, there is a low pressure pump asking to the injectors to supply more diesel.
This may be the reason.
Anyhow, the max rpm in load is 2800-3000 and not 3500 as mentionned.
Hope this helps.

I think everyone on this forum has suggested that the Volvo TMD22 should get ~3500 rpm under load. What should I be shooting for in terms of rpm under load with a clean AutoProp?

Thanks, as usual, for your replies,
Kristy SM243

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