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Mike Ondra

Kevin and Kristen, 
ust arrived in Rockland this afternoon. Would be interested in meeting tomorrow, Saturday.. Where are you located in the Harbor? We’re on the schooner dock near the ferry terminal.

Mike Ondra

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I did not read your entire post.

I would still disconnect the coupling and disk brake to see if the drive spins freely. I would also check your prop.

The removal of this coupling has been covered several times on this site . You will also have to fabricate 4 new bolts from threaded rod. I have included a few photos of the replacement of my coupling, the Vetus disc from vetus and the remanufactured disck from Amel, and a method to remove  the disk if it is stuck on the C drive shaft.


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This is a Vetus coupling that is remanufactured by Amel. It is only available from Amel.

Unfortunately, they are closed until the end of the month.

The coupling is very strong, and I am surprised it is broken.

Have you disconnected it to see if the C drive is jammed with something?

Did you run into something very substantial with your prop?

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we are currently stuck n Rockland, ME after hitting a lobster pot and fracturing our Vetus Coupling.  In addition to replacing the rubber bushings (Vetus kit #K018), I also need to replace the broken aluminum hub assembly (two pieces) and possibly new 8 cm bolts.

Does anyone have Vetus part#’s and possibly a US Supplier to FedEx my order?

many thanks to this great, supportive group.
Kevin & Kristen Schmit
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<Nouvelle Facture papier blanc.pdf>
<2017-01-29 08.56.24.jpg>
<2017-01-14 10.08.00.jpg>
<2017-01-14 10.07.51.jpg>
<2017-01-13 10.25.38.jpg>

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