Re: Vetus Coupling Failure

Doug Smith

I have a spare Vetus coupling that looks to be from Vetus directly and would be easier for a machine shop to get to the Amel version. Came with my boat as a spare when I purchased 18 months ago. (Thanks Denis!)
I’m on the east coast and could ship on Monday or Tuesday. Moving a son into college this weekend. 
Then you can replace mine when you get one from Amel, if that gets you back on the water more quickly. 
I’ve ordered directly from Vetus in the UK and they ship pretty quickly to the US as well if you chose to go that route. 
And the studs are welded onto the center hub. 

Thanks, Doug Smith

Amel 54-113, Aventura
White Point Marina
Kinsale VA, USA

On Aug 13, 2021, at 5:12 PM, Kevin Schmit <kevschmit64@...> wrote:


thank you all for the support and information.  Amel is on vaca until the end of the month.  

Bill has given me some drawings of the coupling to bring to a machine shop for fabrication.  

Attached is a picture showing 3 of the 4 broken studs on shaft flange.

are these studs machine threaded into the flange?


Kevin & Kristen Schmit
SM #362

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