Re: B and G 213 MHU windset PCB or replacement.

Walter van Grieken

I also have a mhu213 with a broken plug you can take it from me too

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Op 14 aug. 2021 om 11:17 heeft Jeroen Jeltes <fidelis@...> het volgende geschreven:

Dear Amalians,    my windsensor ( MHU) model B & G 213 finally gave up. Apparently B & G  cannot supply the PCB , and i am in doubt if they will in the future.
Is there anyone out there who has a spare available ?
or should i consider to replace with newer model:

Can model 213 easily replaced by model WS310 ( with cable , can i use the old cable ?) or the wireless model WS320 ?.

I do not want to take the mast down for this job, so i will have to do the replacement at 22m height. ( a job i am not looking forward to. )

any recommendations welcome.  note : i have a N2k backbone 

sv Fidelis , Jeroen  Jeltes

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