Re: B and G 213 MHU windset PCB or replacement.


I assume that you are certain that the fault is the PCB. If so, I suggest that you contact jake@... , B&G Service Ft Lauderdale, Florida +1(954) 229 0208. Recently he had all parts and was capable of rebuilding a 213MHU.

If you are not certain it is the PCB, a failed 213MHU Mount can give some of the same symptoms as a failed PCB. And, of course, there is the speed sensor and the wind direction sensor failures...both of these are very easy to install.

If you find the 213 MHU Mount has failed, the process for replacement is:
  1. Find the B&G 213MHU junction box near the base of the mast inside the boat and behind a Velcro'd panel, then remove the mast side of the wiring from the junction
  2. Remove any wire ties and pull the wire with a pull cord attached to the end through the inspection port at the base of the mast.
  3. Secure a strong pull cord to the wire, possibly sewing it to the wire. You do not want this separating halfway up the mast.
  4. From the top of the mast, remove the B&G 213MHU, then remove the 4 bolts (5mm, I think) from the 213 MHU Mount
  5. From the top of the mast, pull the wire with the pull cord attached
  6. Secure the pull cord to the new 213MHU Mount wire, possibly sewing it to the wire
  7. From the inspection port at the base, pull the cord with the wire attached while the person at the top of the mast guides the wire.
  8. Using the pull cord from step 2 above, pull the wire to the junction box
The B&G WS310 is available wired or unwired as a WS320. It is digital where the 213MHU is analog. You did not say which B&G system you have. The WS310/320 is not compatible with all B&G systems, so you need to check your system for compatibility. The WS310/320 will not bolt to the same holes that are drilled and tapped for the 213MHU Mount.

There is one other option you may have. A+T Electronics in the UK can likely repair or replace your 213MHU. Their website (snippet below) shows that they have parts available including the PCB. Send an email to Sarah Covey <sarah@...>. Be sure to tell her that I referred you.

This is one of several pages from my book. I have circled some of the things I referr to above.


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On Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 4:17 AM Jeroen Jeltes <fidelis@...> wrote:

Dear Amalians,    my windsensor ( MHU) model B & G 213 finally gave up. Apparently B & G  cannot supply the PCB , and i am in doubt if they will in the future.
Is there anyone out there who has a spare available ?
or should i consider to replace with newer model:

Can model 213 easily replaced by model WS310 ( with cable , can i use the old cable ?) or the wireless model WS320 ?.

I do not want to take the mast down for this job, so i will have to do the replacement at 22m height. ( a job i am not looking forward to. )

any recommendations welcome.  note : i have a N2k backbone 

sv Fidelis , Jeroen  Jeltes

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